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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Of Budgies And Birthdays

This is my Budgie. She lives close to my heart. There is no way to say how much her arrival was awaited.

Even when Budgie was so tiny and could not understand what I was saying, I knew that we recognized each other. And even before we met, I loved her.

When she was born she was a PUDGIE BUDGIE.

I did not know that Budgie would be full of wonders and surprises!

My Budgie is very smart. She loves to read and learn.
She has ability to withdraw into her own world and concentrate on and explore things that interest her. Budgie’s curiosity about the world has expanded, and I see the interest she shows when confronted with a new fact. Her love of knowledge is so strong.

Budgie has a great imagination and often likes to dress up in different costumes and try new looks.

My Budgie is very musical. She can play the recorder and the piano.
And her wonderful music teaher invited her to join a bell choir.

She is the only Budgie in the entire group!  Here she is in her blue dress.

Budgie is articulate and outgoing. She loves her sister.

 She is not spoiled in any way. Everyone is her friend.

She never pulls away from anyone that is "different" as some others do.

Budgie seems to revel in being around others and makes friends everywhere. She is always eager to play and share her toys.

She likes to play games and be silly.

 The last time she was with me we dyed Easter eggs.

Just a little while ago my Budgie became very sick.  I was so worried.  It made me remember how grateful I am to have her as my Budgie.

My Budgie, my Erin,  you got your nick-name from this book..

You were my Pudgie Budgie because you were a pudgie baby!

I am the luckiest of all people in the world because I am your Damma! Every day when I wake up, I say a thank you prayer for my six wonderful grandchildren and for the joy they have added to my life and today, on your 9th birthday, I said a thank you prayer just for you.


I hope that all through your life you will carry the knowledge of what a treasure you are to me and how much you matter, and that one day, when you have children and grandchildren of your own, you will pass that knowledge and love on to them.

While many miles separate us, know that I am always with you.

Know that no matter what happens, I am there for you. I may not always be able to give you things. I may not be able to solve every problem you have. I may not be able to share every happy moment with you in person. Nevertheless, I am there. As long as you think of me and I think of you, we can never be apart.

My Erin, this truly is the first day of the rest of your life. May you be forever blessed with love, happiness, peace, abundance and wellness. You are my first grandchild and are on your way to becoming a most amazing little woman.


  1. thank you Damma. I really like it and it's really nice! i like the picture of the super puffy bird! I miss you :o(


  2. Our kids are so lucky to have such a great Damma. Someday I'll be that great about special occasions! Erin, we really are proud of you, we brag on you all the time! We need a cousin reunion! Preferrably in Florida!