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Thursday, July 1, 2010

He Has A Dream...kind of...

The EVIL Republicans are at it again…comprehensive immigration reform would be happening RIGHT NOW if only they would GET OUT OF THE WAY of President Obama’s proposals!

 President Si’Se Puede promised Hispanic voters that he would tackle immigration reform — in his first 100 days…. in his first year in office… before the midterm elections… after the midterm elections…. but still in his first term…. in his second term….JUST WORDS! (remember that speech?)

Yes, it is true that, for over 24 years the government, including BOTH parties, has not been doing its job with regard to immigration law, securing the border, or enforcing its law.

There are millions of people here illegally. They broke the law to come here and work. It’s not realistic to round them all up and send them home. We need an earned pathway to legal status or citizenship.

But, just as a reminder, Democrats were not thrilled in 1986, when Sen. Alan Simpson of Wyoming, a Republican, wrote a bill that gave amnesty to nearly 3 million people — which was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, another Republican.

EVEN George W. Bush, a Republican, put immigration reform on the national agenda in 2001. Congress found that exciting!

Many Democrats remain not too thrilled right now about the prospect of legalizing the undocumented. They worry about their image ( soft on illegal immigration, weak on national security). Too many are beholden to labor unions, which oppose any immigration reform package.

Labor unions….....

So…back to ALL THOSE WORDS. Did you know that early in 2006, a then, Senator Obama worked with Democratic leader Harry Reid to derail a promising comprehensive immigration reform bill proposed by Sen. John McCain (Republican) and Sen. Edward Kennedy?(Democratic LION OF THE SENATE!)

The plan was to propose “poison pill” (I love that phrase) amendments that Democrats knew Republicans — who were then in the majority — wouldn’t support.

All that sneaky poison came at the demand of organized labor in an attempt to thwart any plan that included guest workers. SURPRISE!!

Then Barry became president…and guess what?

He maintained the controversial policy of raiding workplaces, dedicated a whole 37 words to immigration in his first State of the Union address, has deported more illegal immigrants than George.W. during his final year, and told reporters aboard Air Force One that there was no “appetite” on Capitol Hill for tackling immigration reform —
again blaming Republicans for the fact that Congress and the White House have not been able to get together on this issue.


President Obama's speech this morning on comprehensive immigration reform trotted out THE DREAM ACT. But, like a lot of Barry’s speeches, it was heavy on philosophy and DEEP THOUGHTS -- and light on those pesky practical details for getting it done. There is a reason he calls it the DREAM ACT….

And, of course, he set the BLAME THE REPUBLICANS back door in place:

“I’m ready to move forward. But the fact is without bipartisan support we cannot solve this problem. We cannot pass comprehensive reform without Republican votes. That is a political and mathematical reality.”

While running for president, Obama pledged to act on immigration in 2009. That deadline came and went my Hispanic friends. But Obama won two-thirds of your vote in 2008 ….just want to ask ….Feeling ALIENATED yet?

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