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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Everything in life is Star Trek.

Yes, I am a TREKKIE!

I was hooked from the very first episode of the very first STAR TREK in 1966.

I watched it in re-runs, I owned ALL the novels, I could recite dialog from the episodes and refer to each episode by its STARDATE.

I have loved all the spin -offs(I know how to insult in KLINGON.."PATAK"), all the movies, and I stood with the rest of the audience in the theater and applauded the most recent Star Trek film.

If one had been available to me I would have attended a STAR TREK convention...I might even have worn a costume...Uhura I think...classic short skirt and high boots (my legs were MUCH better 30+ years ago).

I secretly think of the hood of my car as "The Saucer Section".

With that information in mind I now share my aquired wisdom of Life Lessons from Classic Star Trek:

All alien species, including humans, have the right to” life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. (Except if you feed on our emotions or use your cloaking device inappropriately)

Everyone has a role to play. McCoy is the doctor, Scotty is the chief engineer, Uhura is the communications specialist. Your role on the ship is important and necessary. (Unless you wear a red shirt....then you're screwed)

ALWAYS answer a distress call! (like when a wounded silicon based life form needs bandaging)

If you screw up, take the responsibility to fix it. ( When history gets disrupted and the Nazis win World War II you have to let Joan Collins, who you love, walk out into the street and get hit by a car.)

Complex minds need the simplicity of play. (And if the game can’t be won, change the rules.)

Panic in a crisis gets you nowhere. . (But, if needed, the Kirk two-handed ‘hammer blow’ always works.)

Examine, understand, and accept the unknown. (But keep your PHASER set on STUN and it still might ultimately end with, ‘He’s dead, Jim.’)

Close friends can become family and family is everything. (Even when they undergo a brain transfer.)

Any computer can be destroyed by exploiting a logic error in its prime directive. It will then self-destruct. (True fact!)

And, you are never too old to learn something from The Next Generation.


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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! and if it were's for STAR TREK, the cell phone would never exit. so there. ST is awesome! and i can't wait to get my ipod touch because it is is SO VERY Trekkish!