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Saturday, June 12, 2010


-People who MUTE the TV and walk out of the room WITH THE REMOTE!

-When people say "It's always in the last place you look". Of course it is….DUH!

-People who ask "Can I ask you a question?" Has ANYONE EVER said NO?

-When something is "new and improved". If it is new, then it did not EXIST before now. . If it is improved….what was WRONG with it?
-Service people who say “WHAT CAN I GET YOU GUYS?” To a group of WOMEN!

-EVEN WORSE ..when YOU GUYS is put into the plural possessive as in “How were YOU GUYS’S (es) drinks?”

-People who live in Florida during the summer complaining about how hot and humid it is……IT’S FLORIDA FOR GOD’S SAKE! What ELSE is it going to be?

-People who talk to me FOR A LONG TIME about people I DO NOT KNOW!

-People who tell me IN DETAIL the plots of movies and TV shows I have not seen and now NEVER WILL!.

-People who give opinions on books and laws THEY HAVE NOT READ, shows THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN, and radio THEY HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO.

-People on cell phones ALL THE TIME! Who are they talking to?

-People who hold up a finger to indicate that I AM SUPPOSED TO PAUSE IN MY CONVERSATION while they check THE CELL PHONE!

-Older people who have solidly immutable opinions on technology THEY HAVE NEVER USED! Examples:

MY MOTHER, GOD BLESS HER, who says NOBODY COMMUNICATES OR SENDS PICTURES, but when reminded that if she had A COMPUTER, she could have email, and pictures, and videos, and a FACEBOOK ACCOUNT….says THAT’S HOW THEY STEAL YOUR IDENTITY!

My MOTHER, GOD BLESS HER, who keeps the remote for her CADILLAC separate from her car keys because THAT IS WHAT THE MANUAL SAID TO DO….which means she NEVER USES IT so I have to stand waiting,( IN THE FLORIDA SUMMER AFRICA HOT HUMIDITY) while she uses her key to open the driver door and then UNLOCK the passenger side!

Did I just say something about Florida being hot?........sigh...


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! but i resent the comment about the remote......... ;O(

  2. I'm excited about Africa Hot Florida!!!