LOT'S WIFE..Turn around..look back...see with new eyes

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Lot's wife...in the story she has no name. She stands in the background. She exists as a minor character. We know a great deal about Lot. It is his story. And then, at the very end, it is this woman, without name, who does the unexpected. And, it is the power of this act that echoes down the generations as lesson, parable, warning. Why did she do it?

by L.B.C ...the Seeker

Why you ask?

I stood in the back rooms of my home

and listened while he who was husband

pleaded with the strangers

to not sleep in the streets.

He was right...there was danger.

As our guests they would be protected.

So, they entered our home.

But then all the men of the city came to our door.

The young, the old

All with the same mask of lust.

The crowd screamed for the strangers.

"Send them out that we may know them!"

And then I watched as he who was husband and father

offered our daughters, MY daughters, to the crowd.

I had no voice....my daughters spared only because the crowd wanted males.

I heard no protest from the strangers....

saw no attempt to stop him, who was husband,

from making this offering.

And then...I am told the strangers are the angels of GOD

And he, who was husband, is declared RIGHTEOUS!

I am told we are rewarded and allowed to flee Sodom

before GOD destroys the city for its evil ways.

And the angels told us "DO NOT LOOK BACK!

Whatever you hear, or feel, heed this warning! "

So, we ran..... I and my daughters running with he who was husband.

And as I got to the top of the hill with my eyes forward

I saw ahead of me he who was husband and my daughters...

And I knew.

Not one more step would I take..not one.

With my eyes forward I saw he who was husband

offering my daughters to the crowd.

So...I turned...

And as my eyes crystalized with the vision of Sodom burning

and as my lips and tongue stung with salt......

I said my name out loud.   

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