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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Am Thinking About.....Scorpios

I am a SCORPIO .
Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and represented by the scorpion.

Scorpions dwell in places like caves, water bodies and poisonous shrubs, and places fit for venomous snakes, insects and pythons (first clue)!

Evidently this is a contradicting sign. We can be independent and clingy, loving and cold, authoritative and weak…..and INTENSE about almost everything ( bi-polar).

As Scorpios we are mysterious and keep emotions hidden. (Reptilian, think ABC’s, V) (If you want to find out if someone is a Scorpio, ask them a question. Five minutes of silence later, the answer will be "I'm sorry, what?" )

We have an intense desire to uncover things (nosy). We are very adaptable and like going down new paths (job-hopping).

Scorpios are strong willed and determined, almost to the point of being stubborn. We want to win (at all costs) but are able to hide this desire to from others (sneaky about it).

This also makes Scorpios very dominant, controlling (master plan for world domination) and passionate (like sex...preferably S&M). When we do not have a positive outlet for self-expression, we turn inwards and become destructive ( Hell To Pay).

When wronged, we do not easily forgive. Scorpios invented "revenge" (track you down and GET you when you LEAST expect it even if it takes YEARS).

However, we never forget an act of kindness and are always ready to repay it. Scorpios are very loyal friends, but can be possessive (stalker). Scorpios are also conservative when it comes to money (cheap).

Scorpios often show psychic tendencies (X-Files). We are interested in the mind and its powers. Scorpio is the sign of many of life's mysteries: birth, sex, death, and regeneration( X-Files).

We are willing to explore things others are afraid to look into such as different religions and the occult. (have been abducted by aliens..the truth IS out there.....hard to accept the fact that Star Trek is fiction..... thank God Halloween falls right in the middle of the Scorpio range..... this is the only time of year when sugar-induced hysteria, and impersonating Klingons won't result in an arrest)!

Scorpios can be just as intensely ruthless. We will use any information at hand to beat competitors and do not hesitate to move in for the kill (world domination again).

Scorpios are serious in our mission to learn about others. We will concentrate on the essential questions, gleaning the secrets that lie within. The world, to us, is black and white with little grey. We have an insatiable curiosity. (Career as interrogator or Chief Inquisitor )
We will work very hard, but if probed, our complex and secretive nature makes us suspicious ( have been the victim of a government conspiracy).Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars, the god of war and Pluto, the god of the underworld
(War and Death..enough said?).

Scorpios are not gregarious, social, or eager to please (she was always a quiet neighbor). However, we are genuine and often above petty gains though not necessarily above conspiracy and manipulation (sociopath).


Bill Gates…..lives in a fully-automated barracks…that should be no surprise.

Hillary Clinton… all doubts should be cleared away now.
Scorpio animal: CAT….. Secretive, mysterious, and unpredictable. What's not to like?

SCORPIO prayer: "Dear God, help me forgive my enemies, even if the bastards don't deserve it."

Scorpio, after sex : "Perhaps I should untie you”.

SCORPIO: How many to change a light bulb?

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