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Monday, May 24, 2010


What kind of leader comes to the country that’s keeping his miserable nation afloat and verbally TRASHES it, loudly, from the floor of Congress?

 Felipe Calderon, EL PRESIDENTE of Mexico that's who!!

Last year, $21 billion of our money was sent back to Mexico by HIS illegal people while at the same time HIS citizens are:

Killing and kidnapping, exporting LOTS of drugs, completely trashing and destroying the state parks and ranches they pass through, terrorizing those that live along the border, over-running the hospitals and schools, flouting our laws, and creating political chaos.

How DARE he complain about the police and the laws of the nation HIS people are violating hourly. Yet, in HIS country, the immigration laws for Mexico are stringently adhered to and those in violation are subject to harsh penalties.

In Mexico, illegal immigrants serve two years in jail for the first offense and ten years for the second. Their immigration policy requires legal immigrants to carry their documents and be prepared to show them as requested. Mexico defends its southern border with armed guards who shoot illegal immigrants caught crossing.

Calderon is the one who ought to be apologizing. His speech to Congress should have been laden with nothing but gratitude. And maybe from the LAND OF NO OPPORTUNITY MEXICO he should send a delegation to clean up the literal tons of trash along the migration routes.

And just MAYBE, Felipe could get REALLY SERIOUS about imprisoning and DESTROYING the vile, dangerous criminals that have made it necessary for the border states to feel they must independently defend themselves.

Oh...and while I'm at it...let me mention that while EL PRESIDENTE was promoting the never ending illegal invasion of America he received the implicit support of OUR PRESIDENT who seems determined to NEVER defend America's reputation at home or abroad.

After Calderon finished SCOLDING us and LYING about us in the well of Congress ...he received a standing ovation from ALL Democrat members of Congress, including Janet Napolitano, and Eric Holder for his country's increasing illegal incursions on America's borders.

Meanwhile, the COURAGEOUS Republicans NON-RESPONDED by staying seated. They SHOULD have risen, "en mass," and walked out! With a few exceptions, this Party is devoid of any kind of political or moral leadership. One would think, if nothing else, they would jump on the opportunity..never mind that they should show UMBRAGE over the insult to the American people.