LOT'S WIFE..Turn around..look back...see with new eyes

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Story

Lot was Abraham's nephew. They had a disagreement and parted ways. Lot goes to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. He lives there for many years, has a family , becomes a judge.

In Genesis 19, when God plans to destroy the cities of the plain because they are so evil, he sends angels to the city of Sodom where they meet Lot at the city gates. Lot is very worried about the angels and wants them to spend the night in his house.... but the angels insist on spending the night in the city street. Lot pressures them and convinces them to stay with him.

As the evening progresses all the men of Sodom surround Lot's house with intent to KNOW (in the Biblical sense) the angels. Lot offers the crowd of men his virgin daughters for gang rape in their stead , but the men WANT the male angels and demand that they be sent out. Lot refuses. The crowd eventually gives up.

As a reward, the angels tell Lot that a terrible thing is about to happen to the city and he must flee now with his family. Lot, his wife, and family do not take the warning seriously. The angels pull Lot and the family forcibly out of their house, saying, "Save yourselves with all haste. LOOK NOT BEHIND YOU. Get as fast as you are able to the mountain, unless you be involved in the calamity of the city."

 They leave, and as they do, the angels, again tell all of them to NOT LOOK BACK. They run...but LOT'S WIFE stops.....turns ......looks to Sodom,.....and is changed into a pillar of salt.

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